They Will GET Electricity

They Will GET Electricity

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The electricians arrived and one of the first comments was, “Nice trench.” The electrician had asked for a 27” deep trench to run the wire in and because we had someone excavate it, it was much bigger than needed.  As the electrician was laying the 100 f eet of line to connect the meter to our cabin, he delightedly exclaimed, “I’ve never gotten to walk in the trench before!”

The two electricians were here most of the day and, my goodness, did they get stuff done! It would have taken Mark and I months to finish all the little projects that they completed in the several hours. Needless to say, I was very pleased (and relieved) to be writing them that check.

It may sound silly, but I’ve never thought of money in terms of services before. It wasn’t until writing that check today that it clicked in my brain that money is a great tool—it allows you to do what you’re skilled at so that you can have someone else do what they’re skilled at to better your life. After all, their skills turned on the lights in my house! And now…

Cue the hallelujah chorus.

The first light!

I’m a little emotional as I write this: after 9 months, we have electricity at our home! I’m so excited that I don’t know what to do with myself. I keep walking around the house looking at the lights and light switches. How do I express my excitement? When kids get a new toy, they play with them for hours; when you get a new phone, you can excitedly explore all its new features; when you get a new bike you can go for a ride. I have electricity. I just plugged in my laptop and my eyes teared up. I think the glorious implications of having electricity at home are going to hit me over and over again, because though it is one big gift, I will enjoy it in a series of tiny gifts.

Look! I can charge my laptop in the house!

Look! It’s dark outside but it’s light in the house!

Look! I can do yoga without the generator running in the background!

We can watch a movie all the way through without some cliff hanger ending when the laptop suddenly dies.

I can write and write and write without constantly checking battery life.

I can do household chores at any time of day because I won’t need to utilize the daylight in order to see.

We can use a microwave.

We can plug in an alarm clock.

I can run a fan when I inevitably smoke up the house while using the woodstove.

I can use my vacuum more than just once a month! (I’m not saying I will…but I can)

I don’t have to go somewhere to charge my laptop, pay my bills, or charge my phone.

I’m sure I’ll come across new tiny benefits of having electricity as the days go on, but the one I’m most looking forward to is getting a new refrigerator. Imagine going to the grocery store and buying food for more than just a day because I have room to store it AND I know that the meat will keep. What goodness! I’ll have a freezer again! See? The implications just keep hitting me.

The grew-up-without-electricity man.

I got to talking with one of the electricians and when I told him that we’ve been living without electricity for 9 months, he smiled and said, “I understand. All growing up we didn’t have electricity and my parents got it when I moved out of the house!” This guy is in his twenties and he grew up without electricity? Glad to know we’re not the only crazy ones in this neck of the woods. Although, I think that raising kids without electricity is a whole other breed of crazy than what we’ve been doing here. He did say that they had a gas fridge though…. Anyway, I’m so happy, relieved, and thankful that we have electricity now.

It is easy to be thankful for a gift and forget to thank the giver. Rejoicing in circumstances is wonderful but sometimes I can miss the target when I fail to rejoice in the Lord who gives me all good things to enjoy. Sure, we chose to come out here on this adventure and put ourselves in this situation—not knowing entirely what it would mean for us—but such is life. And the Lord meets us right where we’re at and hears our prayers right where we’re at, regardless if we were the ones who got us there or not. I’m thankful for the Lord’s faithfulness and for Him answering our prayers in the details. From peace in life to good recommendations for electricians, the Lord is intricately involved. I am so thankful to Him and to all those who have been praying for us along the way.

God held back the rain until they finished their job!

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