They’re Going to Want Propane to Run Their Stove

They’re Going to Want Propane to Run Their Stove

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After doing some research we decided that we wanted to get two 100 lb. tanks for propane that we could bring to town to get filled when we want rather than having a large tank and needed to deal with deliveries. We ordered some from U-Haul and had them delivered, we ordered a regulator that would automatically switch between tanks when one was empty and hoses from Amazon. The U-Haul delivery went just fine, but the Amazon delivery didn’t come because our address was “undeliverable” (this probably had something to do with our lack of a mailbox at the time). After getting a replacement order from Amazon which delivered just fine the second time we were ready. I brought the tanks to U-Haul to get them filled and was told that I legally had to have them standing upright (I couldn’t do this with the topper on my pickup) and I told the service person that wasn’t true. She went to go check on it and came back and told me that they had a policy about it for safety reasons which I couldn’t argue with. A couple days later at a cousin’s house dropping some things off my cousin told me that there was a service station in town that would fill them laying down in my pickup no questions asked and offered me two used 100 lb. tanks for free (here is a lesson about asking around when you don’t know about things we could’ve saved a couple hundred dollars and a bit of hassle). After two trips to this service station (they were closed earlier than their schedule says the first time) I had propane, but when I went to hook them up I found that I had ordered the wrong hoses. I made a trip to the fleet supply store, but they didn’t have the right ones in stock so I had to wait a couple more days for another amazon delivery and then hooked it up and we finally had propane for our stove. Goodbye camping stove on the kitchen counter.


Here is what our final setup looked like:

2 100 lb. Propane Tanks

2 hoses

1 auto switching regulator

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