They’re Going to Sell Their House and Move in (in the Middle of the Cold Minnesota Winter)

They’re Going to Sell Their House and Move in (in the Middle of the Cold Minnesota Winter)

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We bought our cabin in July with hopes of selling our house and moving into it in the early fall with time to get electricity in before the ground froze. This ended up being a case of the Lord’s timing not being our timing and He worked it out that our house would sell in the middle of winter. The closing wasn’t until mid-January, but due to some close friends of ours getting married the first weekend of January and a big test I had to study for coming up in mid-January we moved to the cabin on New Year ’s Eve. In a fitting coincidence we started the new year by waking up in our new home. How did we get here? Waking up in a cabin without electricity and running water and having to start our morning by starting a fire?


We had moved some things ahead of time either to get it out of our house when we listed it for sale or because we wanted it at the cabin, but we really started packing to move after Christmas. Bailey did most of the packing and had some help from friends. We really didn’t have that much stuff to move because we had gotten rid of a lot of things we didn’t want or need, we knew we were downsizing by a lot.


The Saturday morning of our move we woke up early to some pretty intense gusts of wind and my prayers were for the wind to die down, that no one slipped on the icy steps and sidewalk (we had gotten about an inch of ice on a Christmas night storm the previous Sunday), that we would have enough help and that everything would go without major problems. All of these prayers would be answered. Just as people started showing up to help the wind calmed down to nearly nothing. Thanks to our friends and parents we had just the right amount of help and nobody slipped and nothing went wrong. We were very thankful for the answers to prayer.

moving helpers
Some of our moving helpers
moving chaos
The chaos of moving


When we got everything into our cabin we were glad that it fit and that we even had a little room to move around, but there were lots of boxes and the piles were really big, overwhelmingly so. We decided that the first thing we needed to unpack was the kitchen so that we could eat, but we didn’t get the whole kitchen unpacked that first night.

kitchen stuff
All the stuff in our kitchen


Needless to say we were very glad that we decided to set up our bed before finishing moving everything in so that we would be able to go to bed when we were ready for some sleep and not need to set up the bed or make room for it first.

home sweet home (bed sweet bed)
moved in
Us all moved in, well sort of

We were exhausted at the end of the day and did not stay up till midnight to ring in the new year, not even close, we called it a night at about 9:00.

our pile of stuff in the cabin
So much stuff, so little space
pile of stuff in cabin
…and more stuff



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