They’re Going to Have the First of Many Adventures

They’re Going to Have the First of Many Adventures

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Less than a week after closing on our cabin and months before moving in or insuring it, a huge windstorm blew through. We are talking our-house-in-town-being-without-electricity-for-a-whole-week-in-the-aftermath-of-this-storm huge. After the obstacle course of debris on my way to work, working all day (my office is conveniently located in one of only two neighborhoods in the area that had power that day) and going out for dinner since we didn’t have a working refrigerator or stove we went to go check out the damage at the uninsured cabin. We were only able to drive about a quarter of the way down our driveway because there was unsurprisingly a tree across it. We walked down the rest of the driveway wondering what we would find. A tree was lying on the ground near our cabin!

cabin before storm
before the storm
tree by cabin after storm
What we saw after the storm







We couldn’t tell if it had made contact. We hurried forward, and found that it missed the cabin by less than two feet! It was definitely a “Thank you, Lord!” moment. Whew! We know now this was only the first in a series of small adventures that we would have with this cabin. We had our next little adventure while cutting this tree up for firewood (read about it here).

tree that nearly hit cabin
it came this close

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