December 2018 Bathroom Update

December 2018 Bathroom Update

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It has been a while since we’ve written (we’ve been busy) and it’s about time we gave you an update. Our bathroom is functional, but not quite finished. Lots of work went into getting to this point and there is still work left to do. We really enjoy having hot running water, showers, and a bathroom door. Bailey says she still (even after a few weeks) gets a bit of joy every time she flushes the toilet.

Here’s a summary of what we’ve done to get the bathroom to this point:

  • Got a design/permit for the septic system
  • Lined up a septic installer
  • Planned a bathroom addition
  • Had our plans shot down by zoning regulations
  • Changed our plans for the bathroom
  • Had a well drilled
  • Had our septic installer back out
  • Did demo work to prep for bathroom construction
  • Lined up another septic installer
  • Hired a plumber and an electrician
  • Built walls
  • Furred out one wall to accommodate piping
  • Tiled the floor
  • Grouted the tile floor
  • Put in a new chimney/wood stove
  • Installed bathroom fan ducting
  • hung mirror door for medicine cabinet framed into wall
  • Hung backer board and tiled one wall
  • Grouted the wall tile
  • Installed a cabinet around the pressure tank
  • Patched the hole where the old chimney was
  • Reinstalled salvaged paneling
  • Hung a door
  • Hung backer board on remaining walls
  • Tiled a second wall

And what we have left to do:

  • Grout the last wall
  • Caulk around tub/shower and joints between tile floor and walls
  • Tape/mud drywall patch on ceiling
  • Install countertop
  • Build cabinet around the water heater
  • Paint
  • Install trim

It has been more work than we thought and we didn’t even do everything ourselves. In some ways it’s overwhelming—if we found this 50 sq. ft. bathroom challenging how are we going to build a house? But on the other hand, this project had nearly every component of a house and we learned a lot from it  and plan to keep learning before we build our house.

We plan to write more about our bathroom project when it is completely finished. In the meantime, we’re off to mix the grout!

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