Brute 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

Brute 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

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Since we heat exclusively with wood and don’t want to purchase wood, we do a lot of cutting and splitting. Bailey wanted to be able to help with this but was afraid that she would hurt herself swinging a splitting maul. Because of this, we decided to get a wood splitter so that she could both help and feel safe. We also figured we would get a lot of use out of it and could even use it to help others in need. We found what we thought was a good deal on a Brute 22 Ton Log Splitter at our local big box store and after the mail-in rebate paid a little over $500.

Assembling Log Splitter

4 stars

I would rate this log splitter four out of five stars as it is adequate to meet our needs, but isn’t perfect.

Assembly Experience

We had the crate loaded into our pickup with a fork lift at the store and opened it in the truck because it is a few hundred pounds. This log splitter came with really good assembly instructions with part numbers that matched the numbers on the blister packaging that the hardware was in. This made it a breeze to assemble because there was no question as to which part the instructions were referencing. Everything went together easily with the exception of one of the wheel bearing covers witch bent a bit when I pounded it on with a rubber mallet. I didn’t time how long it took, but I would guess from opening the crate to starting the engine it was about 2 hours. The motor oil was included, but the hydraulic fluid was not.

Assembling Log Splitter

Use Experience

We haven’t had it long enough to attest to its durability, but after putting two or three cord of wood through it, it has met our expectations. It has split everything we have put in it with no trouble (red oak, sugar maple, aspen and birch up to 18” in diameter). It isn’t quite as fast as I expected it to be (only a little faster than I am with a maul), but that’s okay for us as speed isn’t a priority. What’s more important to us is safety, performance, and reliability. It has met expectations for the first two and so far so good on the third. Other minor hassles have been a few bolts vibrating loose (we should be able to fix that with a little Locktite) and bark getting stuck under the end of the hydraulic cylinder which we use a screwdriver to clean out as needed.

log being split


  • Bailey feels comfortable using it
  • Cost
  • Easy assembly
  • Plenty of power to split everything we have thrown at it
  • Easy to move
  • No problems so far


  • Slow speed
  • Assembly required

Who is this product good for?

This is a great wood splitter for us. It meets our needs well despite it not being perfect. I would recommend it to someone splitting wood for their own use, but the slow speed would be enough for me to not recommend it to someone who plans to sell split firewood. The reason for this is in a commercial application speed would be important due to more wood being split and profit per hour to be considered.

Where to get it

This specific model is only sold at Menard’s, but other log splitters from the same manufacturer can be found at many big box stores or hardware stores across the United States and Canada (check here).


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7 thoughts on “Brute 22 Ton Log Splitter Review

  1. I’ve been using my son’s splitter since I sold mine a couple years ago when I relocated. I don’t like this one as much as my old one. This has a few design flaws. Engine is mounted too close to the spliting area and logs can fall on the engine. The towing tongue has a needless bolted joint which weakens it. Both ends of the wedge slide tend to accumulate wood chips and need to regularly have them dug out of the track. Original assembly had one hydraulic hose poorly positioned, which I failed to notice, and on first towing the tire wore a hole in the hose which had to be replaced. Hose routing should not allow this to happen.

  2. Hi there, I recently purchased a Brute 25 ton unit from Menards. Apparently this unit has been discontinued , but it is basically the same format as the 22 ton unit. I have been happy with the performance, but have been completely unable to find replacement oil and air filters. Have you encountered this problem and found a solution???

  3. Has anyone found a log catcher/cradle that can be mounted on the beam of this spitter.. it does not come with one and i have not found anyone at menards that can answer this question. (and i sure have tried).

  4. Menards sells the replacement filters for the B&S engine in their lawnmower parts section of the store, which at ours is several isles away from where the log splitter is.
    One item I would add install is a fuel line filter ($4). That does involve cutting the fuel line to install, but saves you from having to disassemble the carburetor if junk gets into the fuel tank. I’ve done that to all my small engine gas powered equipment except my tractor which already had a fuel filter.

  5. we bought out Brute 22ton ass splitter from Menards June 20th, used it maybe 6-10 hours and the cylinder is leaking oil like mad. Can’t find anyone in Antigo, Wi. to fix it…

  6. To Mike, your comment on Brute 25 ton unit from Menards. Apparently this unit has been discontinued . Bob says They have it at Menards in Marinette Wisconsin. It is back up to $ 9.99.00. It was $ 800.00 black Friday through Dec 1st.

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