A Bear Will Come to Visit

A Bear Will Come to Visit

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Turtle at the DoorOne day last summer I found this little guy knocking at our front door. I don’t know how he got there. We have a pond that’s about halfway between our cabin and the road and then a river on the other side of the cabin. Either way, he was a good distance from water.

A couple days later I was in the house by myself when I heard a knocking near the front door. Thinking that the turtle had come back and having no windows on that side of the house (we now have a door with a window), I opened the door to look out. A bear looked back! When I opened the door, the bear poked his head around the corner about four feet away! I yelped and quickly closed the door and locked it. I don’t know why I locked it, I mean, what’s he going to do? Turn the knob? I darted through the house shaking from the adrenaline. My phone was out in the car charging.

My. phone. was. out. in. the. car.

Bear coming around the cornerAnd I don’t know how to use a gun. Camera. Grab the camera. Camera in hand, I couldn’t see him out other windows so I ran to the bedroom. He was a little black bear ambling around. He caught sight of me in the window and strolled over for a closer look. He came right up to the window—I’m shaking and trying to hold my camera steady—and he got up on his hind legs and put his front paws on the window. On the window! I was on the bed a mere couple inches away! I should back up now, I thought and did so, while my heart pounded loudly in my ears. The bear got down and walked around the house again. I followed him around and out the kitchen window I watched him digging in the garbage bins we kept on that side of the house.


After some time, he selected the bag he wanted, got it between his teeth and ran off with it into the woods. I waited a minute or two before going outside. Cat was fine, she came to greet me. Besides the strewn garbage on the lawn I couldn’t see any more evidence of the bear. I retrieved my phone and went back inside. Let me tell you, it took some time for the adrenaline to fade. I love animals but when you’re not expecting to see a rather large one (compared to the cat-sized ones you’re used to) that close to you, survival instincts take over! As well they should.

That was the only time I saw a bear on the property that summer. A couple days after the encounter I ventured into the woods and spent a half hour cleaning up the garbage left scattered in the woods. I still haven’t learned to shoot a gun yet—by that I mean become comfortable with my knowledge and ability to operate a gun—but it’s on the list. You know, just in case we have any more daring visitors.

Bear monage


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